Annual Enrollment Periods

Why do I need an appointment during the Annual Enrollment Period?

Reviewing your health insurance plans during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), October 15th through December 7, 2020, is a good idea as plans and pricing can change from year to year, and it is always wise to have Wendy compare plans to be sure you have the most efficient plan for your current needs going into 2021. Plus, Wendy makes it fun and easy to understand. Your office or phone review appointment is always at no cost to you, so reviewing your plan is always to your benefit. Our office provides easy scheduling with quick, convenient appointments, as well as appointments in the office or via phone. Worried about the Covid crisis? No worries, we can offer virtual appointments as a great alternative to in-person meetings.

There are a few more reasons you may want to consider in determining if making an appointment to review your plan is a great idea. Supplements remain consistent with their coverage, however, if you are on a stand-alone drug plan your medications may have changed over the past year, which can directly impact which drug plan would be the most beneficial economically for you. Having Wendy run a direct comparison with all the current drug company options, using your current drug list, could potentially bring you significant savings for 2021.

If you are currently utilizing a Medicare Advantage Healthcare plan you will have 4 companies to choose from for 2021 which may yield better coverage and possible financial savings depending on your personal situation and needs. Advantage plans can vary greatly from co-pay costs, optional benefits, to available networks from company to company. Advantage plans can have a wide variation in monthly premium costs as well. Some may increase premiums, and some may lower their premium costs for 2021. We want to provide you with all the options available so that you may benefit from any cost savings. Why not make an appointment today with Wendy to discuss the options and potential benefits you may discover. Call our office @ 406-969-3000 to schedule your review.