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At Ask Insurance, we offer a wide range of Senior Health Plans, including Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplemental Plans, and Stand Alone Drug Plans. We represent most major insurance companies that offer Medicare products, allowing us to tailor a plan that fits your specific needs and budget as well as serve all of Montana. We enjoy helping seniors with their Medicare health plan and needs. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients by taking the time to make a complicated matter simple.

We have multiple resources to help you navigate Medicare. We offer appointments here in our office or via phone; your trust and satisfaction is our priority.

Wendy Nelson

Wendy Nelson

Wendy Schermerhorn is our Medicare Specialist, she has been serving Seniors in Montana since 2006. Wendy takes great pride in establishing a personal relationship with her clients, and in getting to know them and their insurance needs.

Fran Bonogofsky

Fran Bonogofsky

Fran Bonogofsky is a native-born Montanan, who after attending Rocky Mountain College, ventured south for many years to experience “big city” life in CA and AZ. Upon her return to Montana she was introduced to the Medicare insurance industry and is finding it rewarding to offer customer service and meet the insurance needs of the clients.

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