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There are a variety of reasons we consider having a life insurance policy, but chief among those reasons is that we want to leave something behind for our loved ones. There are several questions you need to answer for yourself when choosing the right policy.

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Things to consider

How much debt do you have?

The amount of debt you have should be a determining factor in what type of policy you will want to consider. Things like a mortgage, car payments, or other loans may need to be covered by the payout in your policy. In order for your beneficiaries to receive the benefits of your policy, you would need to have a policy that not only equates to those debts, but also exceeds them.

Are you using the policy as an income replacement or as a final expense plan?

You should consider if your beneficiaries are relying on your policy for income, or for a burial plan. If your beneficiaries rely on your income, you should consider what a suitable replacement would be for the financial hole left behind. This consideration should also include any debts you would leave behind in addition to the lost income.

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